Carlos Habiague has established himself as one of the greatest current exponents of Tango, standing out in other genres, such as lyric singing and ballad. He also made 18 international tours in four continents, countries such as the USA, Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Morocco, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and Bolivia.

Winner of the “Hugo del Carril” award, “Carlos” award in Villa Carlos Paz season twice (best singer and best coreography), “Reina del Plata” award, “Zorzal” award, the “Estrella de concert” among many other distinctions. He released two music albums and is the current designer of his shows. He shared the stage with great figures such as: Joaquín Sabina, Los Nocheros, Abel Pintos, Chico Novarro, Jairo, Baglietto, Raúl Lavié, Adriana Varela, Guillermo Fernández and many other popular and classical singers.

Carlos Habiague is the dazzling figure who, with his renowned charisma and his light lyric voice, captivates the audience on every stage

Awards and distinctions

“Outstanding Cologne Artist”, Köln, Germany.
“PREMIO ZORZAL 2017” Buenos Aires, Argentina


“PREMIO REINA DEL PLATA 2017” Buenos Aires, Argentina


“PREMIO CARLOS TEATRO 2014” Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina -Best Singer

“PREMIO CARLOS TEATRO 2014” Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina -Best Choreography

“PREMIO HUGO DEL CARRIL 2012” Luna Park Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Music Albums

2012 CD “El sueño del pibe” currently on Spotify
2017 CD “Por amor al tango” currently on Spotify. Postulated for “CARLOS GARDEL 2018 AWARDS” and “GRAMMY LATINOS 2018 AWARDS”

Sung languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French and Turkish.

International tours and performances


“Germany – May/(TBD)” Festivals and private events.

“Portugal – 16/22 March” International Tango Festivals.

“England/Scotland – March” International Tango Festivals, BBC T.V. recordings.

“USA tour – Jan/ (TBD) ”.


“Argentina Tour – Jun 8 / Aug 2 2023” Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fe, Mendoza.

“Brodway Classics & Movie Classics” It is part of the shows produced by the German company The Voice Factory. Köln, Germany.

“German-produced film” He recorded songs for a German-produced film (main character). Animated children’s film that will premiere on the Netflix platform in 2026.

“Europe/UK Tour – May 22/ Jun 23”: Germany, Czech Republic, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland.

Part as a guest of the world-renowned show “Tango Argentina” performing in the Bronx, NY.

“Recordings” Record on demand unpublished productions by the composer María Isabel Saavedra (“The most recorded Colombian woman in history”).

“USA tour – Dec 21 /May 22”: Miami, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC.


“Colombia tour”: Pereyra, Cali, Armenia, Manizales, Medellín. Concerts in theaters, milongas, marathons and private parties.

Virtual presentations.

Film music concert with the Córdoba Symphony at the emblematic “Edén Hotel” in the city of La Falda.

Press and advertising.


Finalist of the International Musical Theater Festival, Santiago de Chile.

“Valparatango Festival” Valparaíso, Chile.

Festival of the elderly, Coquimbo, Chile.


Patagonic tour, Patagonia Argentina.

“Tango Festival Mas alto del Mundo” La Paz, Bolivia

He sang accompanied by ”Camerata Académica de Córdoba Orchestra, strings Orchestra of the city of Cordoba and Air force Band.

“8th International Congress of the Spanish language”, Teatro del Libertador, Córdoba, Argentina.

Summoned from Spain, sings feat Joaquín Sabina, Teatro del Libertador, Córdoba. Tango tribute.

Sang at the Luna Park for the 100th Birthday anniversary of Hugo del Carril, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Participations in National Festivals like “LA FALDA”, “JUSTO DARACT, San Luis”, “ZÁRATE, Bs. As.”, JUNÍN, SANTA FE, MARCOS JUAREZ, Festival del Salame, Oncativo, and others.


Finalist of the most famous Argentine TV show “Show Match” contest conducted by Marcelo Tinelli.

Presentations on 9 T.V. Chanel, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Winner of the Festival Nacional del Alfajor, La Falda, Córdoba, Argentina.

Children’s Folklore Festival (La Cumbre), pre Baradero and pre Cosquín (Argentina).