Vladanka Koleva e Onur Mok

Vladanka Koleva born in Kavadarci, Macedonia on March 5, 1993.
She became acquainted with art and music from a young age within her family circle, but continued her studies in the field of law in the well-known historical city of Bitola in Macedonia. She earned a Master’s degree in Intellectual Property Law in Skopje at the University of St. Cyril and Methodius and actively collaborated with firms from various fields, where she once again encountered the world of art and managed the School of Design and Art ‘Scala’ in Skopje.

In 2015, she was introduced to tango and actively began to study it under the guidance of her mentor, Onur Mok, in Skopje, and from various renowned maestros at various festivals, tango workshops, and women’s technique across Europe. Quickly, she demonstrated her potential in learning and teaching tango, which led her to assist at the Academy of Argentine Tango in Academia TangoM – Skopje.

In 2020, she studied Graphic Design and Photography at the School of Design and Art – Scala, displaying her passion and artistry in photographing tango moments at several tango events in her country and abroad.

Koleva is an international organizer of various tango events, tango seminars, and milongas, as well as a teacher of private and group tango classes, women’s technique, and practice.
She co-organized the first major tango marathon, ‘Emotions Tango Marathon,’ in Skopje in April 2022, along with her partner, Onur Mok.

By studying tango across Europe under various maestros with different approaches and styles, acquiring various women’s techniques, and consistently conveying emotion with her partner, Onur, while building her uniqueness in tango, today she conveys her tango style through powerful emotions in a serene yet energetic stride with elegance, grandeur, and passion within a milongero embrace, all complemented by musicality and active partner following. Hence, her first marathon was named ‘Emotions Tango Marathon.

In the last four years, she has actively collaborated, traveled, given lessons, and performed together with Onur. Their significant achievement is the opening of the joint school, ‘Center for Personal Development 321,’ where they will once again become active in teaching tango classes, women’s techniques, and fit-tango.

Vladanka Koleva

Onur Mok, the last male heir of the Ottoman family Mehmed in Skopje, born on September 10, 1985. From an early age, he was introduced to the art of music and completed 6 years of music education in the piano class of Professor Chadikovska. After graduating from the Mathematical High School Private College, he continued his higher education and graduated in Communication Sciences from the Southeast European University.

During his student days, he achieved significant success in organizing fashion events, parties, and created the most-watched TV show program, “Exclusive,” related to the show business in Macedonia. He became familiar with tango in 2010, and from 2011, he actively participated in building the tango community in Macedonia.

His selfless sharing of knowledge in the field of tango, gained from attending various festivals and tango workshops with the most renowned names in tango, gave him the opportunity to establish the Association for the Promotion of Argentine Tango, Academia TangoM, in 2014.

Onur Mok and his dedication to the world of tango have resulted in conducting over 1,000 group classes, private lessons, male techniques, practices, weekend seminars, and tango events. Mok is considered the primary reason for the existence of the Tango community in Skopje and the Balkan region, and the significance behind the name Mok, which symbolizes ‘a person who makes others happy,’ is affirmed by the hundreds to whom he has transmitted the joy of tango.

Onur Mok is recognizable for his musicality and the way he conveys music in his minimalist milonguero style, shaped by the uniqueness of freedom from salon movements. Vladanka Koleva, his tango partner, is proof of his emotion that inspires him to create and convey beauty in the world of tango.

Onur Mok